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What gave you the idea for the Hidden History blog?

I started being involved with reading groups a few years ago, and I have seen a more recent interest in Canadians wanting more ownership of our romance stories. Seeing how eager people were to learn more about Canadian romance made me want to write a book to pay tribute to the early trailblazers.

What books are you focusing on in your research?

That's a surprise! But I am focusing on authors whose careers started before the 21st century. After the TV adaption of Bridgerton, romance novels really took off, so it would be impossible to cover everyone in just one book. Of course, there is always room for more research beyond my blog!

How are you doing your research?

I am an independent researcher using the skills I gained through my English degree and as a Library Technician. Throughout the process, I have been consulting a variety of scholars and researchers who have studied Canadian writers before me.  

How do you plan to publish it?

I am using the blog format in order to avoid copyright issues.

Will you ever write fiction?

Yes! But please don't ask for hints just yet. My friends and I have discovered that with fictional concepts, I lose interest once I tell people too many of my ideas as by then I feel heard.


What is your favourite Canadian Romance novel?

Jennifer Robson's Somewhere in France (pub. 2013).

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